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ProVege(Jiaxing) Food Co., Ltd. is a famous food enterprise in Taiwan, and the China factory was established in 2007. We focus on the research and development of vegetarian meat (textured vegetable protein). All the materials are requested to be Non-GMO, such as isolated soy protein, wheat and pea protein etc., The textured vegetable protein could be applied in many fields, for example, vegetarian meat, vegan hamburger patty with beef or chicken flavor, sausage, chicken nuggets, and ham.

The main raw material is non-genetically modified soybean protein, which is weaved by double axis extrusion machine. The product has the fiber structure of meat, the firm texture and taste like meat, and can be made into  various meat-like foods. Soybean product, with high protein, no cholesterol and low fat, is the best choice for meat substitutes.  

Textured Soy protein

Texture wheat protein has an excellent fibrous structure and meat-like tissues It is made of Non-GMO wheat protein and starch. There are several steps to produce it, including  mixing, cutting, heating, histochemical reacting, forming and expanding through our own designed extruder. It contains high protein, low fat, no cholesterol, and pleasant smell.

Textured Wheat Protein

Textured peas protein is Non-GMO and plant-derived. It has fibrous-like and sheet-like structure. It contains low calorie, high nutrition and no cholesterol. It is hypoallergenic. It can be rehydrated. Good choice for vegetarian food.

Textured Peas Protein

Textured vegetable protein hasa meat-like texture, and can be made into various healthy vegetarian foodproducts. It contains high protein and content right proportionessential amino acid for human body

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